Our Electric Cars 2010-17


Our Most Successful Electric Racer Yet

NRX was the first UK built electric

car to pass Formula Student scrutineering. Weighing in at 314kg it featured an aluminium honeycomb sandwich panel monocoque, and was powered by an EMRAX 228 motor. With it, Newcastle Racing set the fastest UK electric vehicle sprint time of FSUK 2017.

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nr9 1.jpg


Within Grasping Distance

Prior to NRX, this was the closest we had come to competing dynamically at Formula Student with an electric car. It passed all of electrical scrutineering, something we believe no other UK electric team had done at that time. However, NR9 was not allowed to compete as the brakes could not be locked without assistance from the regenerative braking system.


Our First Step

NR8 was the first electric NR car. It was developed over an extended period of time, due to the steep learning curve involved. Not only was NR8 our first EV, it was also our first venture into a sandwich panel monocoque chassis. Powered by a 3-phase AC synchronous brushless motor, NR8 was a valiant first attempt. However, along with every other EV produced by a UK team that year, it failed to pass scrutineering and compete in the dynamic events.

nr8 1.jpg