Our ICE Cars 2003-10


Our Last ICE Car

NR7 was destined to enter the FSUK 2010 event, but despite being fully assembled, it unfortunately never made it to the event. You'll have to take our word for it as we have no photos, due to it being disassembled shortly after completion for research purposes. It was powered by a Honda CBR-RR600 engine, featured a bell-crank suspension system and 10 inch wheel rims.


Our Penultimate ICE Car

One of our most successful FS cars ever, NR6 reused the rear of NR5, with a new sandwich panel monocoque front. This was employed with the aim of 
increasing stiffness while reducing mass.

Both steering and suspension were overhauled to improve handling.

Silage wrap proved an effective method of waterproofing against the torrential rain experienced at the event. 


Clutched Away from Victory

A development of NR4, it featured upgrades including a carbon fiber intake plenum. Unfortunately as is often the case with FS cars, a small niggle stopped it achieving greatness, this time being a tricky hand operated clutch.


The First Biscuit Tin

NR4 chassis was constructed from 3mm thick aluminium sheet and powered by an air-cooled 600cc Ducati Monster Engine. This gave it a power to weight ratio higher than a contemporary Aston Martin DB9, and a top speed in excess of 100mph. NR4 made it to the endurance event of the FSUK 2007, before the clutch gave in, a not uncommon occurrence with ICE cars of this performance. 


The "Just" Car

2006 was the year when the word "JUST" echoed through the bay. We "JUST" have to finish a car. We "JUST" have to manufacture a car. We "JUST" have to design a car.

As such, it was a no show, NR2 was re-entered as a "200" (second entry) car where it put in a commendable performance.


Honda Powered

NR2 featured a Honda motorbike engine, nestled in a mild steel space frame chassis. Whilst reliable, it lacked handling finesse. 

As with every successful race team, this car was used as a base from which to improve on, and was therefore a key step in the journey to where we are now.


Our First Car

NR1 featured a mild steel tubular spaceframe, TIG welded together. It made it all the way to the endurance event of FSUK 2004, where it had to take an early retirement due to dirt in the fuel system.